We have a very comprehensive range of both new and used parts for Classic 2 door Range Rovers, almost all of which are original parts that were manufactured when the vehicles were new.

These parts are not reproduced or after-market parts, as they are the genuine original OEM parts. We are in the extremely fortunate position of having ventured far and wide across all of Australia purchasing completely rust free panels and chassis parts, and have brought them all back to one convenient location.

We have complete original seat sets, full sets of panels all in their original colours, complete original chassis's and running gear. We stock all of the interior parts, although have re-trimmed some seat sets in the original vinyl material that was used in the early 1970's.

Please call us directly, and let us know what you're requirements are, as we are happy to assist others to restore their Classic Range Rover's to greatness, as well as build our own.