Sandblasting Services

We provide full bodyshell Sandblasting above and below, as we clean all of the undersides and inside areas of all rust and/or paint.

We are located in the Inner West area of Sydney.

We also sandblast all panels, steel or aluminium, as we began with Range Rover Classic alloy panels which are very old and quite fragile. We have been able to successfully sandblast all of these panels without any damage to the shape or contour of each part, which has resulted in parts that are completely clear of all paint, primer and any body filler that may have been used in the past for panel repairs.

We are able to sandblast all chassis from all cars and 4WD’s, and return them to their original condition, ready for paint. The sandblasting provides an excellent keying for the primer, high-fill and paint to adhere to.

Please call for a quote on : 1800 001017